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Q: What is the difference between Bio Cold and Bio Sport?

A: Bio Sport is made mainly from the first harvest of tea leaves/extra virgin tea leaves therefore it has not only a superior aroma, smoother taste and natural sweetness but also it has more nutritional benefits than Bio Cold. Therefore Bio Sport is an excellent drink when you play sport and it can give you a better performance. It has become a very popular drink among many athletes in Japan.

Q: Does it have to be Bio Sport when I play sport?

A: We recommend Bio Sport. However, many sporting teams who drink a lot of fluid use Bio Cold 90, as it has the same quality of absorption and is more economical. Please drink it without worries.middle-aged woman drinking tea

Q: Can I drink Bio Sport when not playing sport?

A: Of course, you can. Bio Sport is a genuine and high quality green tea. We would like you to drink it regularly as a daily drink.

Q: When is the best time to drink Bio Tea and how much should I drink?

A: Bio Tea is an beverage. You can drink any time of the day and night including meal time. Many people have commented, “If I drink lots of fluid before a meal, I can’t eat much, but Bio Tea doesn’t affect my appetite at all”. That is because Bio Tea is rapidly absorbed by the body, meaning it leaves the stomach in a very short time, therefore you are not filling up on liquid.

Q: When I visited my friend, she served me the same Bio Tea I drink at home but I found the taste different to what I know. Is it possible to have a different taste with the same Bio Tea?

A: We have experimented with Bio Tea using different types of water and noticed that Bio Tea tastes better with soft water. Also the taste of Bio Tea could vary depending on the type of water filter that you use.

Q: Can I brew Bio Cold with hot water?

A: Yes, you can however, Bio Cold is developed to be brewed in cold water. If you prefer to have hot tea, we suggest you to use Bio Hot.

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