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Mr Susumu Kamimizu who has developed Bio Tea is the 3rd generation owner of the tea garden which was established in 1896 by his grandfather, Sosuke Kamimizu.

Mr Susumu. Kamimizu loves his music and used to play the trumpet when he was at high school and dreamt one day to become a musician.  However, he had given up his dream and decided to commit

to tea growing when he was convinced by his father to take over the long established family business. Since then he has devoted his life to researching and pursuing intensively about the agriculture and the natural biorhythm of the plants. The more he learned about the relationship between nature and agriculture, the bigger his passion grew to create the best tea possible.

As a young boy, in the summer time he used to watch his mother serving the chilled green tea to the tea plantation workers after having chilled the hot brewed tea in the fridge.  That had often made him wonder why she didn’t brew the tea in the cold water from the beginning. This thought motivated him and he developed and successfully commercialised a cold water brewed tea,  It took him nearly two decades.  The Bio Tea is the world first green tea developed to be brewed in cold water.

Now using his outstanding knowledge he teaches and educates younger people voluntarily in his home town about organic farming and the plants’ natural biorhythm.