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Bio Tea is a total new type of green tea.  It has been particularly developed to be brewed in cold water as well as a traditional hot brewed tea. This is a significant break through, because commercialisation of a cold water brewed tea had been considered extremely difficult for many centuries.  It is cultivated and processed by optimising full advantage of natural energies such as sun and water. Bio Tea is named after natural biorhythms.  Now you can enjoy a delicious cold water brewed green tea any time.

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Harvesting green tea

Bio Tea is gentle to the human body and eco-friendly.  On cultivation, the moisture in the air is controlled very carefully and the environment for tea growing is optimised throughout the four seasons. Therefore tea buds grow very spontaneously and naturally.  The soil in our tea plantation is rich and organic, as we periodically feed it with rich homemade compost. We have succeeded in developing a special processing technique to maximise the nutrient and the taste of tea, using the temperature and moisture which is unique to our tea garden. We take time to process the tea leaves which creates a full flavour tea that retains all the nutritional benefits.  As a result, our tea has less bitterness and astringency but has a very mild and smooth taste.
The Bio Tea was born/developed in 1986.  In any industry, when any new ideas are  developed, they often face strong criticism.  The Bio Tea was not an exception. When Mr Kamimizu presented it to the various associated people, he received many criticisms like “This is not a tea”, or “It is impossible to brew tea in cold water.  Colouring or some chemical must have been added to it.” But one expert said,”I really appreciate the fact that you are the first person to have developed the cold water brew tea however, it will be a challenge for you to promote it.  Because people are only used to drinking hot tea and don’t have a concept of cold tea.” and he was right. The Bio Tea took time to gain interest and popularity. Luckily one day a mother bought a packet of the cold brew Bio Tea and gave it to her son. To her surprise, he loved the taste and drank lots of this tea.  He was a junior high school aged boy who also spent lots of time training with his school athletics club. After a few weeks of drinking this tea he noticed that he was able to play sport intensively with his team everyday after school and completed his school homework without showing any tiredness. This amazed his family, his team mates and their parents which led them to discover this mysterious drink.  Bio Tea has started to spread by word of mouth rapidly since then.

Now Bio Tea has become very popular among all the people from the young to the elderly, male and female and athletes who look after their body.