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Minerals don’t work in isolation

There could be a harmful effect if you only take one mineral at a time. Excess ingestion of a single mineral leads to the suppression of absorption of other minerals, enzyme fresh-vegetabledeactivation and has a negative impact on cellular structure. For example, to make your bone stronger you need to ingest well balanced calcium and magnesium.  Iron doesn’t perform its role unless it is  catalyzed with copper, zinc, cobalt, cadmium and selenium.  The same applies to other minerals such as natrium and zinc. A single mineral works effectively only when it is correlated with other minerals harmoniously.

Mineral-starved modern age

The foods that contain abundant minerals are vegetables, fruits and natural salt. However the quantity and the number of minerals that are available to us through Black Mica imagethese sources have been drastically reduced since farming methods changed to mass production after World War Ⅱ.

For example, the amount of iron in carrots has decreased by 90% in the last 50 years. That means we need to consume 10 times more carrots to get the same amount of nutrients as people were getting 50 years ago. Also the quantity and number of minerals has decreased due to the growth of agricultural chemicals.

Furthermore the chemical substances and food additives being used in refined foods and processed foods have made things worse. So for the last three generations our bodies have been suffering from mineral deficiency because we produce no minerals within our bodies.

Malnutrition in the food saturation era

Since 1981 some nutritional experts started to point out that we are in an era of food saturation but suffering from malnutrition  “ fresh vegesPeople consume excess energy foods such as protein, fat and carbohydrates but not enough minerals which metabolizes the energy.” Now they consider mineral deficiency as one of the main causes of lifestyle related diseases in nowadays.  Compensating for mineral deficiencies effectively is the principal way to stay healthy, as balanced nutrition is the key to maintaining health.

Causes of children’s tantrums today

Mental and emotional state are significantly related to minerals.

In these modern times, abnormal behaviors which did not happen in our parent and grandparent’s generation occur frequently. Many adults have depression or impulsive incidents. Children also tend to have tantrums and are often too restless for teachers in classes. Every time a problem arises, we criticize social distortion or healthy kidsdiscipline issues, but some experts have studied the relationship between diet and problematic behavior.  They have experimented by removing the food additives from the meals of children with abnormal behavior and feeding them more nutritious meals with balanced minerals. The outcome was remarkable: the children’s behavior much improved in just a few months.  There are several mineral and drink studies which have shown the relationship between nutrients and problematic behavior. Moreover some symptoms such as depression, stress, concentration, memory and dementia can be improved, if  our diet is improved with well balanced minerals.

Minerals are the core of the 5 essential nutrients.

Maintaining a well balanced diet of the five fundamental nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals) is essential for us to stay healthy.  96% of mlJzxlgthe human body consists of oxygen, hydrogen, (H20) carbon and nitrogen. The other 4 % consists of elements, called minerals collectively.  Despite only being  4% of our body mass, minerals have a primary role in coordinating  and regulating activity in the body: therefore minerals are a core inorganic nutrient.

Main function of Minerals

1. Cooperate with enzymes which are important for human life.

We have over 5000 types of enzymes in our body, which relate to various life activities such as digestion, absorption, energy production, or metabolism. Humans  produce enzymes, but cannot produce minerals. In fact, more than half of the enzymes have a complex structure consisting of minerals and proteins. Therefore, we cannot produce or activate enzymes without minerals.

2.  Serve as tissue components of human body

Minerals become tissue components of various human parts such as bone, teeth, blood and hormones under certain circumstances. That is why many kinds of minerals should be taken in a well balanced way.

3. Assist cells

Humans have approximately 60 trillion cells, and each cell absorbs nutrients and excretes waste products. From a nutritional standpoint, these cell functions cannot work without minerals.  Minerals are essential for cells.

4. Help other nutrients

Without minerals, vitamins cannot work properly or be absorbed by the human body. Moreover, not only vitamins but also protein, fat and carbohydrates are absorbed more effectively if these nutrients bond with minerals.

5. Promote neuro transmission

Minerals help normal neuro transmissions and assist muscles to work effectively. Also while minerals alleviate frustration, agitation and stress, they enhance functions such as concentration or memory.