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I have been drinking the Adya® minerals for a little over two years now and since that time they have literally changed my life. Seems extreme, but it is the truth. In fact, because of Adya® minerals and what I have seen them do for myself, I’ve changed my career from financial planner to distributing and sharing Adya® mineral solution on a full time basis, traveling and educating others on the benefits of Adya® mineral solutions.

One of the first things I immediately noticed was my energy and stamina levels. I had a lot more energy through out the day and wasn’t feeling tired or sleepy as I did before. I also found that my stamina levels where much higher during my workouts, doubling my reps as well as my cardiovascular exercises. My anxiety levels dramatically decreased and I was sleeping better at night. I attribute this to the increased levels of oxygen and hydration that was occurring in my system.

The most dramatic thing noticed after a short time using the Adya® minerals was that I have not had any lung infections. I have a history (or used to) of getting horrible lung infections about three times a year usually developing into bronchitis or walking pneumonia. I have not had one lung infection since I started drinking this water.

Since September of 2008, I started a strict regiment of drinking at least a gallon of water a day and doing super shots of the Adya Clarity™. Since then I have lost over thirty-five pounds. I went from one of those guys with the hard beach ball belly to having a flattened stomach that is soft again. It really seems as though these minerals have activated my digestion system, allowing me to move things out, an issue I had in the past.

My consciousness levels as well as my mental clarity have improved a great deal. I feel like a whole new person both physically and mentally. I definitely see things much differently than I used to. My concentration levels are much higher and my anxiety levels are much lower. These minerals have made my body, mind and spirit function on a whole new level. I thank God that Adya® minerals where introduced into my family’s life. We are much more healthy and better off because of them.”

Gardy Bandfied, Toledo, OH