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Dr. Aso Shimanishi who is now in his late 80s is the creator and inventor of Themarox which is the concentrate solution of Black Mica Solution.  He is a well known and respected pharmacist and a leading authority on the treatment of water waste in Japan.

About 50 years ago, Dr. Aso Shimanishi got his inspiration for the Black Mica by observing a healthy tree growing out of a rock. He wondered where the nutrients came from for the tree to grow in such poor conditions and environment. By studying the rock the tree was growing on he discovered that its fine hair like roots were getting its nutrients from Biotite/Black Mica embedded in the Granite. He then spent following decades studying and researching Biotite and searched the world to find the best source of Black Mica which coincidently was in his own country of Japan. Through all his studying and research, he was able to developed and patented process to extract the minerals from the Biotite to purify water.

Dr. Shimanishi’s motivation to develop this product was not based on financial gain but to introduce a new pine tree on the rock (350x363)way of treating water that was safe and environmental friendly. And his ground breaking discovery has led to and will lead to more tremendous advancements in health, agriculture, livestock, horticulture, aquatics, raw sewage treatment, and waste water treatment.

He is highly respected in the field of water treatment and has worked with household names including Sony, Toyota, Hitachi, Matsushita and more.