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Q: What is Black Mica Solution?

A: BMS is an ionic sulfate mineral diluted in purified water. The minerals are extracted from Black Mica/Biotite Granite by dissolving insoluble minerals (black mica) with edible acid (sulfate) then put it through 16 types of filtration and special purification, producing a  liquid that contains a large number of well balanced essential minerals. Exactly the same product with Black Mica Solution is being sold in the different names in other countries. They are made all from Biotite concentrate from Japan.

Q: What does Black Mica Solution do?kikuchi keikoku

A: BMS promotes biological functions and reduces the factors which inhibit proper bodily functions.

Q. Why does Black Mica Solution improve the taste of my water?

A: It has been well known in the water industry that enhancing water with minerals enhances taste. Like all good water that has the best minerals, Black Mica Solution also ensure activated oxygen in the water.

Q: How does Black Mica Solution work ?

A: It is Ionized: Minerals cannot be absorbed into the human body unless they are ionized.  Black Mica Solution has an excellent absorption ability and its effectiveness in our bodies which results from its already being ionized by element catalysis. (The ionic minerals are 0.1 nanometers on average and the size is seventy thousandth of a red blood cell).

Q: What is so special about Black Mica Solution?

A: Black Mica Solution contains about 36 minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium which are ideally combined. Medicine has hardly done any research into minerals so far. However all living creatures including humans start their lives having the constituents from the Earth. Therefore, the human body must be the Earth itself and all of the minerals on the Earth are essential for the human body.  We cannot create minerals in our bodies, so we need to take minerals constantly from the food we eat and Black Mica Solution contains exactly the same ratio of essential minerals as the Earth.

Q. Why is Black Mica Solution so powerful?

A. Black Mica Solution is sourced from some of the rarest forms of  Black Mica. In nature, Mica does two major things: to clean up our Earth of toxins and to restore our Earth to balance. This process is happening continuously in our Oceans and fresh water.  Mica is also known to be the source of some of the best mineral formations such as zeolites, fulvic acid, ocean salts, etc.

Q. What will Black Mica Minerals reduce/remove from my water?water cristal 140312

A. Black Mica Solution will reduce/eliminate the following:

Q: Why use Black Mica Solution?

Our lives are loaded with agriculture chemicals, food additives and industrial chemicals and other pollutants.These are all man made products and don’t exist in the natural environment which can end up in our bodies and BMS has the ability to remove them over time.

1. Agriculture chemicals can be found in rice, vegetables, fruit, tea, coffee, alcohol, etc.

2. Food additives can be found in sauce, seasoning, stock, biscuits, cakes, ham, meat, etc.

3. Industrial chemicalcan be found in drugs, shampoo, cosmetics, detergents, toothpaste, building material, etc.

Q: Can Black Mica Solution be mixed with with tea, juice or milk?

A: Yes, it is quite OK to mix with any drink. However, milk suppresses the absorption of  the minerals and also the colour of tea or juice might change by chelating action of the mineral.  Therefore it is recommended to drink milk and tea separately.

Q: Is there a “use by date” for Black Mica Solution?

A: Black Mica Solution is a mineral solution, therefore theoretically it doesn’t need to have  a“use by date”, but we recommend its use within 2 years of your purchase. You do not need to refrigerate it but keep it in a dry cool place out of direct sunlight .

Q:  Can I drink the solution after consuming alcohol?

A: Yes, you can.  It is being said that people tend to get less of a hangover when they have BMS before or after alcohol consumption. They think this happens because the character of the minerals in BMS may increase your liver’s ability to break down alcohol.

Q: Can I use BMS on skin?

A: Yes, you can. As BMS is an acid solution, some people use it as a skin toner or a deodorant and some use it to treat nappy rashes after diluting (add 2-5 ml of BMS to 100 ml water).  We have heard so many good stories from people who are using it on their skin.

Q: Can BMS be used for plants and the vegetable gardens?fresh-vegetable

A: Actually it helps plants and vegetable grow healthier, as BMS contains all the well balanced minerals which they need.

Q. In what sizes can I purchase Black Mica Solution?

A. Currently, there are 3 sizes of Black Mica Solution.

Q. Apart from creating fresh drinking water, what are other uses for BMS?

A:  Black Mica’s concentration liquid (Themarox) is being used in various ways around the world as below.

Q. When I add Black Mica Solution to water, why does it sometimes become cloudy?

A. The cloudiness that instantly occurs when you add Black Mica Solution to your water is actually the precipitation of the contaminants that exist in your water. The powerful magnetic forces of the minerals attract these contaminants and clump them together into visible particles. These “clumped” particles are heavier than water and become sedimentary. The contaminants are rendered harmless.

Q. Will heat affect Black Mica Solution?

A. No, heat will not affect  the efficiency of BMS but do not overheat or freeze it in plastic.