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To create clean, fresh tasting water

The dilution rate for BMS is 1 to 1000.  For a glass of water, add 3 to 5 drops of BMS. Add 4 ml (1 teaspoon) of BMS to 4 lires of water and mix it well. You can use it straight away.  If you let it sit over-night, make sure you leave the container uncovered to allow the chlorine gas to escape off the top. You will probably notice a yellow precipitate on the bottom of the water container, as BMS causes the heavy metals, mercury, fluoride, bacteria and other harmful contaminates to solidify and fall to the bottom. These are inert substances that are no longer water soluble and are harmless. If you swallow them, they will be excreted from your body without causing you any harm.

Using BMS on your skin (Dilution rate: Add 2 ml ~ 5 ml of BMS to 100 ml water for spraying)

 Note: you will find lots of orange/yellow colored scum in the bath tub when you have your first BMS bath, the scum reduces  each time you have a BMS bath.

 Some examples of using BMS on foods You can virtually add or spay it on any food to make it fresher, tastier and safer. Below are some examples


Other interesting reports and usage