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1. I was recommended BMS by my aunt who was keen to share her story regarding BMS.  P1040039 3She said her hay fever had improved a lot since she started to take about 6 ml of BMS a day. I have been suffering from emphysema (a collection of pus in a body cavity) as well as hay fever. Before I tried, I didn’t expect much as I have tried so many things and nothing worked much. But to my surprise, I could breath easier through my nostrils straightway when I put a few drops of BMS into my nostrils.  I also used it on my hand when I burned myself while cooking and the pain of burn soon disappeared and the skin healed very quickly. I usually use a 10 times diluted solution.  (M.N. 37 yrs male)

2. It has been 10 days since I have started to take 4 ml of BMS a day.  Since I don’t have any health issues, I couldn’t feel any improvement of a particular problem. However, one thing I have noticed is that I have more energy and stamina, making me think that I must not have had enough minerals before. I feel so lucky to have encountered BMS. (E.K. 57 yrs male)senior cuople joggin in the beach

3. My cholesterol level has become lowered/normalized since I have started taking 3 ml of BMS a day.  I had been taking pills to lower my high blood pressure for 7 years, but I have stopped taking them, as my blood pressure has become normal.  (T.I. 77 yrs old female)

4. I have been taking BMS for 4 months now. I feel my body is lighter and my movement is swifter than before. Recently when I visited my GP for regular check up and I was told that my basal metabolic rate is 13 years younger than the last check up.. (N.W. 60 yrs old female)

5. My body temperature has risen to 36.2 degree from 35.2 degree since I started to take BMS 3 months ago. I used to worry about my low body temperature, as I knew that the lower temperature meant low immunity to disease, but I am very pleased with the outcome. (N.S. 46 yrs old female)

6. I have been using BMS for various things, including as a skin toner and a hair spray. I feel  my hair has more volume and new hairs have started to grow along the hairline and I don’t lose as many hairs as  I used to.  I’m also giving BMS to my dog and her hair has become fluffier happy seniorand the mucus in her eyes has reduced a lot. (C.Y. 61 yrs old female)

7. A friend of mine recommended BMS when I was admitted to hospital with acute pancreatitis due to lots of stress at work and during that period my liver function degenerated. Also I didn’t have much motivation. When I started to take BMS, to be honest I couldn’t feel any difference at the beginning. However, I was so thrilled when I have found out that my liver and pancreas have been back to normal when I went to see my GP for follow up check up. (H.T. 45 yrs old male)

8. I always keep a spray bottle filled with 10 times diluted BMS around me. The other day I accidently cut my finger with a saw and so I sprayed BMS on the wound many times on that day. It stung at first but healed very quickly and I could feel that my healing ability has increased greatly. (M.N. 60s old female) .

All the above  stories are merely comments from BMS users only.