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 The journey of brown rice:

Unique rice roasting machine

Zenmai™ is roasted between 12 to 15 hours under totally controlled conditions with delicate care, as roasting brown rice can be affected significantly by minor climate change. This long deep roasting process with constant, delicate care creates a non-oxidizedl  brown rice charcoal.  This artison creation has now intensified nutritional benefits of brown rice increased in fibre and polyphenols. The taste is similar to fine coffe or dark cocoa.

Stage 1: Storage till roasted:

Soon after harvest, selected high quality brown rice is stored in a temperature controlled room until it is ready to be roasted to ensure freshness and no oxidation. This temperature controlled storage technique maintains freshness and also enhances the rice more flavorful.

Stage 2: Preparation for roasting:

Soak brown rice in activated pure water a while, and drain well.  Experienced skilled craftsmen roast the brown rice for 12 to 15 hours with compassionate care.  Under heated conditions, the inside of the oven becomes saturated with steam and  dried eventually.  As it progresses, the color turns from golden brown to dark brown. In the last step, brown rice is baked further at a higher temperature which completes the process when it turns into a deep glossy dark brown color.

Stage 3: The pulverisation process:

Lightly roasted & ground brown rice

Stage 2

Medium roasted ground brown

Dark roasted ground brown rice










Roasted brown rice moves to the pulverisation process at a factory where it is ground into ultra fine particles of 10 to 15 micron. Then the ground rice powder goes into a process where particles are collected and are made into granules  and packed for shipping.

Enjoy Zenmai™  a pleasant tasting roasted brown rice drink with increased polyphenols and antioxidants.

Ingredient of Zenmai™: Whole brown rice 100% – specially selected rice which is grown at foot of Mt. Daisan, Tottori, Japan,  where is well known of purity of water.