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This is a translation of a government report.

A Government Report from the Department of Health about the safety measures  for radioactive material contamination concerning rice.

In Tottori prefecture, we consider our food crops are totally safe, as there is no abnormality to environment radiation measurements conducted by Institute for Heath and Environment.

However, as we have had demands and requests for safety checks from the public, we have carried out our own inspection about radioactive material residue on our main products of rice and pears, despite of Tottori prefecture is excluded from National investigation for referent prefectures (17 prefectures) of the country.

The test results have confirmed that no radioactive material has been detected from our products.  Please consume our food crops with confidence.

The analysis method

Based on “the radioactivity measurement manual of the food in an emergency” by the Ministry of Health and its points of concern, the nuclide analysis method by the gamma spectrometry using a germanium semiconductor detector was used.

(Detection limit: 10Bq/kg approx.)

The government report (in Japanese)