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We consume approximately 80 food additives daily as average.

We busy modern people often depend on instant foods, fast foods or dining out and  forced to consume lots of various food additives.  We even consume them from fresh vegetables grown with lots of pesticides or polluted fish. Our skin ages prematurely by accumulating unwanted substances in the body.  Therefore maintaining a healthy elimination diet is very important. Death begins in the colon. Are you managing well?

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Testimonial 1: I was having hard time getting up before.

From my earlier age, I had been getting up 3 hours before I left home for work so I could have my breakfast properly and allow myself time to go to the toilet.  It wasn’t easy, especially in the next morning after I had late night before.  I tried Zenmai™ a few years ago without much expectation when my work mate told me about all the benefits of it.  But now I am so grateful with the results.  I don’t have to get up so early any more.

Testimonial 2: I was doubtful but curious when I heard about it.

I knew about the benefits of brown rice drink for a while, after I watched a programme on a TV show talking about it.  However, I was uncertain and it didn’t appeal to me as a tasty drink. But I was nicely surprised with the taste when I tried it for the first time when my friend offered it to  me. Since then I have been drinking Zenmai™ everyday. I make it a bit weak and take it like tea rather than coffee. It tastes very pleasant and refreshing and I feel my body gets warmed up after the drink.

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