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Zenmai™ is a roasted & ground brown rice health drink – The most delicious coffee alternative,  a non-oxidized brown rice charcoal.

“Zen” represents spiritual, pure and calm meditative state and “mai” means rice in Japanese.

Ingredient of Zenmai™: 100% Whole brown rice  – specially selected rice grown at the foot of Mt. Daisan, Tottori, Japan, the area that is well known of its water purity.

Brown rice is regarded as one of the most nutritious whole foods to be consumed by humans, as it is rich in fibre, minerals and polyphenols. Now wholesome nutritious benefits are available in the form of very fine granule powder which is versatile and so easy to use.

To make Zenmai™, brown rice is roasted in slow reduction in a special over for between 12 to 15 hours till it becomes dark like charcoal and is ground to 10 microns (in contrast, wheat flour is 125 microns).

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Zenmai™ absorbs harmful substances and eliminates them from your body and gently cleans and reconditions your colon . Therefore it helps reduce smelly gas and faeces, as it acts like activated charcoal.

Brown rice

Roasted brown rice


Roasted and ground brown rice









Zenmai’s features

It suits all age groups –  from young to old –  as it has no caffeine or gluten and can be used as a healthy coffee substitute.


Health benefits